Monday, August 28, 2006

Day 4 Quitting Smoking

You know the thing I miss the most... sitting on the back porch each morning watching the birds and squirrels, the green of the trees and the meadow below us... holding hands and talking while we drink coffee and try to wake up. It's not the cigarettes... it's the time together watching the colors of the birds and listening to them sing.
I have come across a wonderful blog called i live on a farm. Just reading it brings a quiet peace.


Gina E. said...

Hi Linda,
Believe me, you are doing the right thing by quitting smoking. I lived through a nightmare when my hubby nearly died five years ago after 45 years of 50 cigs a day. He survived a heart attack, kidney failure and emphysema (still has that), and hasn't touched a cig. since then.
But that's not my reason for posting a comment here - got sidetracked! You left a comment on Patra's Embroidered Peacocks a while ago, and I have only just found it; I am so sorry I haven't replied before now. You asked if the peacock's tail on a pillowslip was cutwork - yes, it is, and beautifully done too. Glad you liked my blog - I'll be visiting you again too!

firefly said...

Such a lovely blog ... and thanks for mentioning mine. Best wishes with the quitting smoking thing. My daughter is trying to quit ... sometimes it can get ugly. But, worthwhile if a person has a personal desire to do so.

Hope you get lots of support ... you have mine!