Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 5 Quitting Smoking

Well, yesterday did not go as well as the previous days... but managed to do pretty well. Lots of cups of 1/2 caff coffee, hard candy... (my teeth will probably all fall out, but I won't be smoking! grin) I worked on a small purse that I thought would only take a couple of hours to finish... wrong! The closure that I bought for it (a real bargain... only $2.00) really gave me fits... then when trying to sew the purse to it, I found that the reason it was only $2.00 is because some of the sewing holes are not completely drilled and the needle won't go through! humpf! So I will have to take it apart and DH says that he will have to drill them.
Anyway... just in case you haven't noticed (grin)...I changed the look of the blog... I really am not sure that I like this one, so I have not put the Flickr page back up yet. Don't be surprised if you come back in a couple of hours and it's different.. !
Does anyone know where the Round Robin Letter is??? I haven't heard from anyone in a while, so am thinking it should be in Michigan... will call Phil and see.


firefly said...

I have never smoked, so I won't say that I know what it is to quit smoking. However, I have supported my daughter when she quit two times ... alas she needs to quit yet again but is having trouble making the leap because other things are torturing her mind right now.

From going through the experience with her before, I do know from the outside what it is I see people go through who quit. My thoughts will be with you.


Linda_S. said...

Thank you, firefly. Just reading the comment helps more than you know..

Chloe said...

I have never smoked either, but my mother still does, and my partner finally managed to give it up.

All I can say is (and I don't know what the taxes are like on them over there), that I could think of a lot of stash that money could have bought.

But the real thing is - you are going to feel better within yourself. That it what is important.

Good Luck

Linda_S. said...

Thanks, Linda. You're absolutely right about the stash... The even better part of all this that DH has cut his smoking down more than half...yayyy And will be quitting soon also...