Wednesday, August 23, 2006

CQ Block and Odds & Ends

Progress is continuing on the Practice CQ Block I started last winter. When it is finally done, it will be the first large thing I have finished. (By large, I mean larger than a fabric postcard or a needlebook!) grin
I have not heard where the Round Robin Letter is on it's rounds. All I know is that it sure is nice when it finally gets back around to me...grin Love that hold it in your hands and read it mail....
Aunt Edna has started a new blog called Family Dotings with lots of family photos and this terrific recipe for Bob's Apple Cake... sounds wonderful.
It's been back and forth to the doctor all week for us... my pulmonary function test came back just below normal..but not enough to worry about.. So it's back to the heart specialist either next week or the week after..

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