Thursday, August 31, 2006

Day 7 & More Deb's Doilies

Yesterday went much better than the days before. Today is starting off well. I seem to be having fewer of those automatic thoughts of "I need to smoke" and find myself less inclined to turn toward the back porch whenever I need a few minutes to stand back and think about whatever I am doing. This is a really good thing! grin I do miss the going out to breakfast thing... and it seems like a year since we have seen Deb and Roger... but the staying home (as in.. out of Blazer that we smoked in.. ) I have to admit, is helping a lot. DH has been wonderful... he goes all the way to the shop to smoke and as a result has cut his smoking down to 1/2 pack a day. Another good thing!
The doilies are two that Deb gave to me a while back. Aren't they pretty? DH once said that he would love to have our house done in the homey way that his grandparents had theirs... with the doilies on the tables. I will have to think more about that and see what happens.


Rosemary said...

Hi Linda :-) i havent been on in a bit thought i would drop by see what beautiful things you were working on ..... i will be sending am e-mail shortly

Gina E. said...

Keep up the good 'work' Linda - my hubby sends his regards too. Said to warn you those 'moments' will come and go for years, as with any addiction, but they fade away pretty quickly as time goes by. He doesn't have any problem now being with friends who still smoke; in fact he lectures them about the evils of smoking - just like I used to do to him!