Friday, September 01, 2006

Soap Petals & Labor Day Weekend

Well, it's Labor Day Weekend... already. It seems that I just took the Christmas tree down the day before yesterday. And here we are at the last summer holiday weekend ... with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. I'm not sure how the holidays will work out this year, but one thing I do know.... there will be no cornices made this year!.. grin

This is the cutest idea! The tutorial for making these single use rose petal soaps is here as part of Craft and Fabric where you can find links for free sewing lessons, free patterns, free graphics, free quilt lessons and patterns ...etc...etc.. These Rose Petal Soaps would be lovely in a basket with towels and bubble bath for a Christmas gift...

Day 8: So far so good... but looking forward to day 60...grin


freethnkr said...

Hey mom,
What a cool idea. I followed the link though and there was no soap. However, being the fearless net explorer that I am, I found it. :)

Congrats on day 6. I know you can do this.

Linda_S. said...

Thanks.. had no idea I had the wrong link up!!! And thanks for the encouragement too..!