Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've Outdone Myself!

I've made some ugly things in my time, but I truly think I have outdone myself with these tweed slippers! But I still haven't found just the right combination of stitches to make the slippers I want. Will continue to try... Anyway, they wouldn't be so bad if the right colors of yarns were used, but I am so determined to get rid of the Homespun yarns in my stash. I had no idea that two partial skeins could go soooo far. The pattern for these is up on the Fabric Follies site. Very easy to make (and quick).
Today is DH's birthday... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HON!" Since we are still waiting for the cardiac cath procedure to be done in October, I guess there won't be much celebrating today except for a birthday breakfast in a small town nearby.

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