Friday, September 29, 2006

Blue Rhapsody Egg

DH's favorite color is blue so I thought I would try to do some in blue. This one is done using metallic paints that give it more shine, but they don't come in as many colors.
Anyway, this one took a bit longer to do so the two other ones that I have backgrounded (is that a word??) in blue are still waiting for me this morning. It's always such an adventure (grin)... never know what I will be drawing until I pick up the pen.
Well, it's been 35 days since I have smoked. I am still wearing the patches and will be stepping down to the 14mg. patches in another 10 days or so. I have to admit to having a few bad days when I really would have "walked a mile for a Camel" recently. Some days I think "If it's going to be like this forever, why am I bothering with all this!?" DH assures me that it is because I am using the patch and it will get better as they patch comes off, but I wonder (??) .
Until yesterday around 1pm, the previous couple of days were the best I have had recently as far as the heart thing goes. Had been feeling really good (even if reminded 30 times a day to slow down, sit down or rest..grin). Deb and Roger were coming by yesterday so I picked up a couple of things and put them away, actually got dressed (amazing!), but did nothing of any note. Suddenly the pounding in my chest, throat and ears became almost unbearable for a while. So, the remainder of the day was spent on the sofa... Then was awakened this morning with the same pounding throb. I told DH that as soon as this is fixed, there will be a new sofa... I am so sick of this one! (grin)


denimgirl said...

Linda, Sounds like the symptoms that a friend of ours had and she need a pacemaker is all. She is fine now. We hope you are better really soon.

Gina E. said...

Gosh that egg is soooooo pretty. Never thought of using metallic colours on the eggs I painted.