Tuesday, October 03, 2006


What's happening in our world? When I was younger and the adults in the family would talk about how things had changed, I would grin, shake my head and blow it off as nostalgic thinking. Today, I understand a little better. Yesterday's shootings in Pennsylvania leave me unable to speak. What is happening to us as a society when an adult male can find no other way to avenge his own hurt than to tie up and execute young grade school girls who not only had nothing to do with his problem, but are also completely defenseless? Three school shootings in one week. Since when does killing our children find it's way to the top of the list of "Things To Do Today"?

The 6th of Oct. will be 6 non-smoking weeks... I wish I could say "Wow... everything tastes better!" or "Wow! I feel so much better!"... but the fact is... nothing tastes any different and I certainly don't feel any better... I still want to smoke and I still have that slight tight feeling in my chest... I now have a horrible taste in my mouth and probably just as horrible hallitosis (not to mention gingivitis) because of the constant nibbling on something sweet to kill the smoking crave... I have gained at least 10 pounds and this is not good since I was already quite overweight...The only positive I have found is that I don't cough when I get up in the morning... Does anyone have any idea why I am still putting myself through this?
OK... enough on that... This little velvet heart ornament is another in a long line of "keep myself busy" projects... and I really like the way it turned out. I may have to make many more for my Christmas tree... grin..

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kuroneko999 said...

Congratulations on 6 weeks of no smoking. I can tell you that you will not notice any difference in the way your food tastes except eventually it may become to salty. You will still have that tight feeling in your chest for a long time but one day you will wake up and be able to breath. You will always have cravings for ciggarettes but they become fewer and farther in between. If you are lucky the smell of ciggarette smoke will start to make you want to throw up and if you should smoke they will taste like you dumped an ash tray in your mouth. This is a good thing.