Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tomorrow is the Day...

I am so ready for tomorrow to get here. The call came this afternoon and will have to be at the hospital at 12noon tomorrow. I guess when it comes right down to it, I am nervous. It's really a lttle disconcerting to think about someone running something up through your heart... not to mention the 1 in 500 chances of a stroke or heart attack... but if it will help stop this pounding, I'm all for it. Dear daughter and her oldest son will be here tonight... Can hardly wait for that. Will hasn't been to visit in a very long time and I am really looking forward to his visit.
This is one of the latest eggs. I finished it today, along with several others. There are only 2 blank eggs left and I will have to get some more..grin I will put another up tomorrow morning.


Gina E. said...

Linda, your painting eggs are stunning! I have 'fiddled around the edges' with painting eggs in past years, and I still have them somewhere. They were just ordinary chooks' eggs which I blew the contents from via a pinhole at each end - God that's hard! Then I just used water colours to paint patterns on the eggs, and painted a gloss over that to preserve them. But they are nowhere near as beautiful as yours!
By the way, congratulations on keeping off the cigarettes. Weight gain can be a problem, yes, but lung cancer is worse :-(

Linda_S. said...

Thanks, Gina.. for the encouragement with the cigarettes and for the kind comment about my eggs. The first one I painted was a blown egg and you're right... it's hard to blow them out without one of the tools made especially for that. That one I gave to my son. Then I decided that they are so fragile that when I came across the ceramic ones, I latched on to a dozen. I would love to see your eggs either in an email or just up on your site.