Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Doll #1 (as in First Try!)

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to try to make my own doll. (I don't know why..) So I took a pencil and drew off what I thought looked like one on a piece of muslin. I folded the muslin, pinned it so it wouldn't slide around and sewed around the doll outline. By gently pulling the front forward and the back backwards, I sewed a dart from the chin to the top of the belly on the front side. Then I cut a slit in the back and turned the doll inside out (... which is harder than it looks as the arms and legs are very small!) I stuffed the arms and legs individually, sewing across the groin and armpit area as each one was stuffed. Then I stuffed the head and body, closing the open slit by handsewing it using a slip stitch. Here is another example of trying to get rid of that Homespun yarn... By pulling out the cotton thread that keeps the Homespun together, I found that it makes a very soft fluff that is great for the hair. After a couple of false starts (sounds better than "have no idea what I am doing") , I found that by combing out lengths of the yarn, it would hold together and could be sewn onto the head. Now... I looked at it for a while and could not find any inspiration to continue. So I crocheted the little dress to fit it. Something was still not right. The face I painted on it was awful. Then I decided to paint it white... the whole doll. (Should be done before the hair... just so you know!) So today, I decided to try another face... then I decided to paint on clothes...the clothes looked funny against the I painted the body again.. pink this time... So here we are... having to wait for the paint to dry... Will update in a day or so... ( project)

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