Friday, September 22, 2006

Congrats to Stan! & Hat Pattern is Up!

It won't be long until I will have a full month of non-smoking under the "growing larger every day" old belt. I think of that every time I see that commercial about women continuing to smoke because they are afraid they will gain weight. Well, I suppose the weight gain just goes with it, but I truly think that the addiction to nicotine is just like any other drug and the nibbling on something sweet helps with the craving. It's also a killer on the old teeth and gums... another great reason not to begin smoking. Anyway, I had a 2 day period when I didn't use the patch, but decided that I really don't want to go the route of taking chances after having made it this long, so put the patch back on and will continue with the step down patches.
The cardiac cath is set for October 6.

I have finally put the pattern up for the cap that matches the fingerless mittens. It's here on my Fabric Follies site.

Also want to say "Congratulations!" to brother Stan and wife Marla. They were married on September 16.

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