Thursday, September 28, 2006

Snails & Violets

Ok, so they're not really violets. Maybe miniature clematis. Anyway, this is what I did with the time that I was up yesterday. I finally found the dozen ceramic eggs that I had been looking for since Sunday... right there on the counter in front of my face..grin The tiny cabin landscape was done a few weeks ago, but there was nothing else on the egg... so I touched it up and finished the egg. The snail scene is one that I have been drawing on napkins for about 20 years. Two down... ten more to go...grin

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ericat said...

Those eggs are so lovely. I felt dowwnn the snails ate a hole in one of my rare aloes and rot set in. So I was looking through the snail blogs to find a revenge. Your blog made me feel better. I can not say why it is so pleasing to see, and I am not going to think about it, just enjoy.
If you feel lonely visit my aloe garden or my cats (if you really feel like a visit.)
How about a link exchange?