Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Day 26, Hat to Match Fingerless Mittens

While waiting for the cardiac cath to see what is happening in there, I am spending a lot of time being quiet. It would help with the not smoking if I could be up and busy, but the pounding in the chest and the weak knees put a quick stop to that, not to mention the protective DH. As a result, two more sets of fingerless mittens have come into being. Since I had plenty of the thread, I thought... why not try to come up with a hat done in the same pattern... so I did. The hat pattern will be put up on the
Fabric Follies site in a few days.
Today is the day for the initial visit to the cardiologist who will be doing the cath. I have never met him and must admit to being a bit nervous. I have been assured by Deb that he is very good and has done at least one of the 5 cardiac cath's that Roger has had done. Thank goodness for Deb.

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