Sunday, August 27, 2006

Of Beads, Brothers & Quitting Smoking

I have finished the needlebook by inserting 3 long pages of felt (makes 6 pages when folded). Then decided I needed to make a thimble bag, so I did. It was very easy to do, and the beading was something new that I had never done before. It is very easy, but does throw off the rhythm a bit by having to stop and pull up the bead until you get the hang of crocheting by pulling the thread through a couple of beads closer to your fingers. I finished off the crochet chain with a small floret to be used to either attach inside a hussif or to hang from a small hook to display one of my grandmother's thimbles. A larger view can be seen on my Flickr site here.
I had finished 2 thimble bags (one with 3 rows of beads, one with 4 rows of beads) and we had sprawled back to watch the latest Netflix dvd received... Sapranos Season 2 first disk... and were digging into a pork chops , cantaloupe, and scrambled eggs supper when the doorbell rang and we were pleasantly surprised by a visit from Stan and Marla. Love that! Since I am no longer smoking, Marla and I discussed her wedding cake at the kitchen table while the guys were on the back porch...
We have never smoked in the house, so changing the smoking habits does not include anything inside the house. I don't spend much time on the back porch (and won't for a while, since that is our smoking space). But sitting out there with the smoke was not really a problem for me last night. The fact is... the decision to quit smoking is a personal one and does not include everyone I know...grin Expecting the rest of the world to be "totally sensitive to my needs" or demanding they "give it up" or "keep it away from me" is about as practical as expecting the world to stop and bow down every time I walk by... isn't going to happen... at least not this week! grin

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