Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My New Naalbinding Needle

A couple of days ago while Bev was here, I had DH cut me a sliver of oak. I got out the trusty old file and went to work. I love my new needle... It makes a real difference in what the stitches look like. I will have to learn some new stitches, but the Oslo stitch is the one that I used to make the small amulet bag. I made the beads using Sculpy clay. The finger weaving that I did using #8 crochet thread will work as the closure for the bag, but it is a little too stiff, so I think I will use some embroidery thread to make another one. In another post, I will put up a pic of the bag I made using a regular metal darning needle...grin It's a real hoot!

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