Sunday, November 19, 2006

Tablet Weaving

A couple of days ago I finished the Cheerios... then decided to cut up the boxes and make cards for tablet weaving... and it amazingly worked! Not a wonderful first try, but wonderful enough to surprise me...grin There are more pictures on the
Fabric Follies site... Then I tried my hand at finger weaving... and made a wonderful tiny cording that is extremely strong (see pic below). I can see both of these made using Kreinik gold or silver threads and being quite lovely. I am trying to thread my cards now to see if I can do a pattern that will allow me to put whatever words I want on the strap... More on that later.
DD Bev surprised us with a call and an "Are you busy?" a couple of days ago. Of course, the answer was "No.. come on down!" We went yesterday to an antique mall downtown. What a place! Three floors packed full of beauties! It's always nice when the kids come home....

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