Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pictures for Patty...grin

It's always a good thing to talk to good friends. It's been mentioned several times now that I really need to pick back up on my blogging...grin So here it is...
Smiles and waves to the state of Virginia... and congrats on new puppies! Here is the picture of the fringed shawl I promised. I hope the color shows better in this one. The yellow and blue is the alpaca blend shawl that I am currently working on... It will be quite long and have knotted fringe on each of the ends.
The days have been a bit gray and gloomy over the past week or so with a couple of afternoons showing sunshine and a little breeze. We so needed the rain and it is wonderful to look out and see green.
DH is on Day 12 of not smoking. I am soooo proud of him. He is also using the patches, but he started with the 14mg. He had a harder time of the first 4 or 5 days, but it seems have let up some.
Today will be filled with trying to get some things done for the Christmas stash so I won't be able to put many pics up... but I will try to increase my posts...grin

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