Friday, November 03, 2006

Hitting a Blogging Snag

It seems that a while back I hit a blogging snag. And it's still snagged. I sit down to blog and my mind immediately blanks... ughhh So here goes in a very probably quite disjointed way...grin
My wonderful DH is on his 7th day of NO SMOKING! How cool is that! Since I am now at past 2 months, he decided it might be safe to try to quit... we have only had a couple of very, very nit picky days when we sniped at each other ... that never happens, so I guess we both feel like we can tolerate it for a bit...
Chuck is supposed to be back today to catch his plane tomorrow headed back to Iraq... sigh We will be counting the days until the end of January when he will be home for good...
(Click on the picture!!! Too cool!)

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