Monday, March 05, 2007

Acorn Top Huts..

The object of this weeks lesson in PLOS is point. Using points to guide the eye around your work. I was working in the yard with DH and since we have a 100+ year old oak tree in the side yard, the ground was covered with acorns and acorn tops. I looked down and there were several tops just sitting in a group looking for all the world like a small conglomeration of tiny huts. Wellll.... I gathered up a handful and found a tiny drill bit and began making small holes in the sides. After couching down the twigs, the acorn top "huts" were put in and the wonderful little stick men that fiberdabbler came up with. It was love at first site when I saw them. The glass beads on the "ground" , the position of the "huts" and the directional movement the little guys hopefully guide the eye around the block. I do like this one.

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