Saturday, March 17, 2007

PLOS Sampler and Fruit Trees

I started this sampler to incorporate the stitches as the weeks go by with the Personal Library of Stitches. It is actually 28 inches long. This part is approximately 16 inches and stitches are added each week. Since DH's favorite color is blue, this is done in ... you guessed it... shades of blue.

I haven't started the usual small picture using the stitches and design elements yet... It seems that every time we think the LRRP Ranger Newsletter will be a snap.. it's almost done... someone comes up with a wait a minute..we need to get this in..grin So, the rearranging of pages and columns begin. But, I will have it done by Tuesday.

The trees in the meadow continue to green up and it's beginning to look very inviting out there. Across the bridge, the nectarine tree and pear tree are both loaded with blossoms. The pear tree and apricot tree on the south side of the house are also covered. Now if we can just NOT have hail and DO have rain, there will be a good crop of them all.


Jo said...

Your sampler is lovely! Someday I will get back to embroidery. Maybe when I retire?

sharonb said...

ike the regularity of this sampler - its so neat!