Saturday, March 24, 2007

Cloudy Week..

It's been cloudy all week... I've been waiting for a sunny day to get a pic of the Redbud tree and the greening meadow... Finally sunshine and a lift in my mood..grin

We got a large box full of "dues paid" that DH had to update the data base with, so I went through and pulled off the unusual stamps. Some I recognized, but some I had never seen before. I think the colors of these could be worked into a quilt or needlework project. The blues, reds, oranges, taupe and even the brown of the cardboard box would work well together. I was even thinking of copying them and then printing them onto fabric to be used in something that might involve travel or communication...fabric postcards, ATC's, crazy quilting.

It's been a bit of an unfocused week with many things to do, so PLOS was a bit on the back burner. This was done last night with the muslin backed with an acrylic painted fabric sheet, then the buttons attached and the embroidery around them. The idea was for the thread to show a bit of raveling loose as the square around the buttons grew.. then loose completely with the idea of the buttons sliding out... Did not work that way. I think the hole in the bottom needed to be bigger with perhaps a broken button sliding down the open area... hmmm


Jo said...

I want to retire and devote more of my time to stitching. I always feel that way when I see your

Linda S. said...

You'll love it.. the only problem then is that by that time you have so many projects in mind from all the time that you couldn't ... well, the question is where to start and how much do I ignore my sweet and understanding DH...grin