Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Of Dish Cloths and Christening Sets...

Had a couple of great visits yesterday.... youngest son (who let me know really quickly that he is NOT...and I repeat NOT... 35 years old! grin Only 34... see this post..) and his very talented wife (see her quilts at Black on Handmade and enjoy her wonderful quilts). She brought me one of her crocheted dish cloths that I have heard about but never seen. I love it! It is about the size of a scrubber, but is actually single crochet back loop only, then folded and edged with single crochet... so wonderfully simple. Done in an acrylic yarn, it cleans dishes, pots and pans, cabinets.. so beautifully... with no danger of scratching. I must make a pile of these.

Later in the day a dear friend from around Joplin, MO stopped for a while. We had a lovely visit sitting around the kitchen table. Just doesn't happen often enough. His daughter is having her first baby soon ( a little girl), so this Christening Set that I crocheted a while back will be sent to her with the best of wishes. Don't you just love little girls?

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Elizabeth said...

I really like the Christening set. Very simple yet very elegant! You have beautiful tension too! Was it your own pattern?