Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Newsletters and Blossoms

It's that time again. The LRRP Ranger Newsletter is in the beginnings of being started...with a bang. I lost my master and was in a panic that I would not be able to start without coming up with the layout all over again... Thankfully I had saved the pack n go file from the last trip to the printer, so I was saved... Yesterday I got 5 of 16 pages done, so it shouldn't take too long this time.

We had a couple of showers yesterday morning, so between times when the sun broke out, I took my camera into the side meadow and back yard to get pics of the redbud, pear and another that I'm not sure of. This pic is the one I'm not sure of. It is blossoming on a smallish, shrublike plant that reminds me of a newly planted peach tree... kinda spindly. But lovely... I almost looks like one of the apricots off the our tree may have sprouted and started a new one... Wouldn't that be lovely!

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