Friday, October 25, 2013

Today in My Life.. October 25, 2013 (Making Brown Sugar tute)

Today is:  Friday, October 25, 2013

I got up this morning:  with thoughts of the Big Blue Quilt clanging around in my head.  I still haven't decided on an edging color or a binding fabric. Sam was walking all over my feet and had decided he didn't want to wait any longer to get up.. :)  Baby Girl, (this would be Katie)  on the other hand, never wants to get up.  Her whole idea of a great day would be for Sweet DH to stay in bed all day with her right beside him.. :)

I am hearing:  not much... just the whirring of his computer and the ringing in my ears.. :(  I seem to be the only person in world awake this morning.

Out the window:  I see only the reflections of life as we know it in this room.  :)  The darkness turns the window into a mirror.  I can only imagine how it was before the invention of the mirror... everyone standing around waiting for darkness so they could fix their hair.. hahaha  (not really)

I will be wearing:   hmmm ... Today is a stay at  home day (I think), so the choice of the clothes I will wear breaks down to jersey pants and polyester top.. of some form or fashion.

I am thinking: that it's almost Halloween and another year has been slipping by right before our eyes.
I will be getting ready to go to Dear Daughter's tomorrow see our newest great grandson Nathan.  I cannot wait!

I am thankful: for the feel of my DH's hand as he reaches across the bed to touch me in the middle of the night... the smell of tiny apple turnovers cooking... the okra plant that fell over and still decided to produce a few okra... the lovely green of the spearmint plants that are slowly taking over the back flowerbed... my crocs that have the nubs that drive me crazy digging into the bottom of my feet...and more. 

From the kitchen:  comes a test to see how much molasses it takes to make light or dark brown sugar.  I did this yesterday when I realized that I didn't have any brown sugar to make the Tiny Apple Turnovers.  This first photo shows:

1 cup of sugar placed in my small nut chopper
1 tbsp. molasses added
Pulsed for about 20 seconds. 

I could see that this would not be dark enough for the brown sugar I wanted. 

So I added another tablespoon of molasses.  This made a much softer brown sugar and I found that I had to use my spatula to wipe down the walls of the nut grinder bowl and stir the sugar around
between pulses to get a good mix of the molasses and sugar.  The additional pulsing and wiping down took another minute or so.  But I did wind up with just the brown sugar I needed.   And now I know how much of each to more guessing!

Creatively:  I have been hunting for the business sized envelope that I have stashed "somewhere" containing the chamois that I made my leather thimble from.. arghhhh  I know where it is.. the same place as the crazy quilt wall hanging that I have been looking for for the past 3 or 4 months.. I hate that.

Thought for the day:  I once told my mother how down in the dumps I was.. my house was just not pretty anymore.. I hated housework... I didn't want to get up and clean it.. blah blah.. I'm sure we've all been there.  She said.. "Go to town. Buy some little something. A new dishtowel.  A tiny picture to hang in the kitchen or hallway.  New wooden spoons.  New pillow cases.  Go home and use it immediately.  You'll be surprised what a lift that one little thing will bring."  I know she didn't mean that I had to "buy" to make me happy.  She was just saying that a new "something" whether made, gifted to me, found or bought would bring a lift to the job of "same old, same old" at hand.  And she was right.. :)

Have a good Friday and on into the weekend.  :)

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