Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Daylilies and Queen Anne's Lace

For the first time since we have lived here, the daylilies bloomed...Every year I have asked DH to please not mow down the lilies at the fence in the side yard... And every year he asks "What lilies?"...grin Well, this year there is no mistaking them for tall And speaking of tall grass, DH finally did get to mow the grass. It now looks like hayfield wind rows out back, but at least it's And a good thing too, because in the afternoon it rained again...not much, but just enough that he wouldn't have been able to mow.

I always have a problem identifying Queen Anne's Lace... but not this year, with it growing in several places in the back yard. I love it. Who knew??!! So as I'm trying to get a really good picture of it, who comes wandering by but 3 Pearl Crescent Butterflies. Talk about a fluttery surprise as you're looking through your Anyway, I finally had the presence of mind to "just click it !" and got the picture... Aren't they pretty? I kept thinking they were Fritellary butterflies, and of course when I tried to look them up on the net, I came up with Frittellaria lilies...grin But I finally did find an identification site.. and according to that site, we can look forward to seeing these beauties until late August... (The pictures are all clickable to see them in a much larger format... as are all the pictures on this site.)

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Jo said...

Had to laugh. Mine mows down the young daylilies that have magically appeared down by the road. Our neighbor has them on their corner, and they've started a little colony across the street on our side. I've got daylilies everywhere. None have bloomed yet though.