Monday, June 18, 2007

What a Morning!

Somewhere around midnight the storm started. Thunder shaking the house, lightening lit up the place...and the rain! We had 7 1/2 inches from midnight to 8:00. Almost and inch an hour. We checked out the front door around 7:30 and the water was about 1 inch from coming in the front door. I think the drought is Somewhere in Cooke County they said on the news that a tornado had been spotted but not confirmed. The water on Hwy 75 is so deep the news showed a car with water up to it's door... the fire dept. having to rescue people that would drive into the water and couldn't get out. What a morning... Looks like more rain this afternoon, but not as severe as this morning... No way was I stepping out to take pictures... this one is definitely

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