Saturday, June 02, 2007

Coffee...yumm yummm

Well, you can bet I drank my coffee this morning..grin
Just want to say thanks for all the well wishes... You guys sure know how to make my day! (smiles)

Not much to tell about the tests yesterday. There wasn't much that was bad about the Upper GI at all, except the very first part where you have to drink what looks like Alka Seltzer powder with only about an ounce of water...all that fizz fizz going up the nose and then having to hold all that fizz fizz down and not burp it up...whew... And then the table leans back and the doctor uses your knee to guide you around... turn this way, turn that way... There were only very short glimpses of what he was seeing on the monitor... looked like a big ball of white Silly Putty rolling around.

I would assume everything is pretty good since the doctor leaned over me and asked... "Why are you here?"... a couple of times... I am going to happily assume that means he thinks there was no reason for me to be there.... and could find none...

What with the rain (which is wonderful...we are not complaining!) there has been precious little mowing of the grass. It is now at least ankle high in both the front and back yards and it rained again last night. This has absolutely nothing to do with coffee or Upper GI's... just mentioning....

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