Friday, June 29, 2007

North American Letterboxing

I've always loved a good treasure hunt. I made a treasure map for the grandsons last year to find their Christmas presents... too much fun. I've often wondered what happened to the treasure hunts and scavenger hunts we had when we were in school...

I've heard the term Letterboxing, but I never knew what it was... Well... I love the concept...found here and here. Hide a weatherproof container containing a log book, stamp, ink pad and write up clues to how to find it.. Other Letterboxers will have their own personal stamp that will be used to stamp the log book in the Letterbox.. the stamp in Letterbox is used to stamp your personal logbook. The point is to see how many different Letterboxes you can find..

In England, where this originated, it is a very secret process. No one tells what their personal stamp is and no one knows who the other Letterboxers are... In America it is a much more open society.

There are Letterboxes in Gainesville at the park.. one in Ardmore.. some in Sherman and Denison... The clues are found here. Who knew?

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