Saturday, June 09, 2007

New Naalbinding Needle

I didn't say much about Chuck in yesterday's post because if I had it would have been a terribly long post! A couple of weeks ago I cut a piece of excess maple picture frame molding that we had on hand for picture frames into some different sized blanks for new naalbinding needles. While he was here we went to the shop and he helped me make a new needle. This one is not as long as the oak needle that I made and it is thinner across the eye end. Chuck spent some time with the sandpaper smoothing it and taking a bit of a hump out of the center that I had left in when shaping it. The blue is acrylic yarn that works well for trying out the needle.

He showed me a picture (still in his camera) of a quilt he made for Allison. It is so adorable. He took the Disney and Pooh character fabric pillow panels and used them as blocks, put strips between them, quilted it and used contrasting binding. So cute.. and she loves it.

When he was home last time, we talked about the knitting boards found here.. He said he bought this one. As you begin your knitting on this board, he said the instructions are to lay a long piece of heavier yarn across it to pull the first 2 or three rows through and keep the loops on the board. He said that doesn't work really well and suggests using a tiny dowel rod that you can attach yarn to each end and in the middle to keep the tension even as you pull. He also said I really need to get me one of these...grin

After 18 years in the Marines, he is finally at the stage where he has bought his home in Yuma, AZ and will be instructing until he retires. Ask me if I'm proud of him....

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katelnorth said...

Hi Linda - thanks for visiting my blog - if you decide to make a postcard holder, I'd love to see it. I'm really thrilled with mine - every time I walk into the living room and see my cards on the wall it makes me smile. And we all need more of that, right? Now, off to work out just what Naalbinding is!