Monday, June 11, 2007

The Trumpet Vine Will Bloom This Year!

Last year our sweet gum tree died from the long drought we had been the fact that it had once been hit by lightening and had a huge gap in the trunk filled with concrete. DH was lamenting the fact that the birds would no longer have that center of the yard protection from the hawks and predators, so he decided to leave the stump about 8 feet high and plant a trumpet vine to grow up it. The vine didn't do much last year. It did climb the trunk...but no blooms. Not so this year...grin
More good news...when I stepped out last night about 9:45 and turned the light on I saw our possum is back. Much bigger, but still recognizable by the sizable area of smuzzled looking white across it's back. It looks like there may soon be a smaller possum around...smiles

The night before, I turned the shop light on as I stepped out onto the porch and there was another racoon. These I don't recognize individually since there are several who come up to scavenge the sunflower seed and corn from below the feeders.

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