Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It Looks Like Spring!

A few days ago when DH and I were coming in from the hot tub, I looked over at the huge oak tree and lo and behold... the daffodils were blooming! I grabbed my camera and ran to take some pics, but they came out terrible. This morning I went out and took some more.

Then I opened the front door to see if just perhaps..maybe... Fed Ex had delivered my 2 Elizabeth Zimmerman books that I ordered from Amazon a week ago.. (they hadn't..sigh).. and I saw the weigela blooming in all it's glory!

While I was taking the pics of the weigela, I noticed the

I know we have several more weeks before we can count on the weather staying warm...but I love this time of year when the colors begin to show and the spirits begin to lift from the dull winter "browns" .. as opposed to the dull winter "blues". ;O)

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