Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Season of Contrasts

I received an email yesterday from our son in Michigan. He has received his hat, it fits (Yayyy!), and he says it is just in time for the latest snow fall...

When he sent me these photos..a while back.. he said they had already had 52" of snow... amazing... These photos are just of the latest blowing snow drifts at the time. I can't imagine.. 52"!! However, it is pretty. I don't really mind snow.. it's the inevitable ice and slippery driving that comes with the "almost" melting that I don't like. And the slick snow pack. And invariably having to go out to some place that parks on the side of a hill! That's a hoot..

And this is what I did yesterday. After I came home from the Red River Historical Museum Craft Saturday (more about that on Fabric Follies Two )... I took pictures of the daffodils blooming along the back fence. This morning as I sit here blogging, I am watching the first woodpecker of the season cleaning DH's favorite tree and the first 3 robins of the season hunting for worms on the ground. I think Spring has Sprung!
It never ceases to amaze me the differences within this nation of ours. Living up north... even just as far north as northern Arkansas... it was different to have all 4 seasons. It seemed to take forever to heat up to comfortable levels... but at least there were all 4

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