Sunday, February 15, 2009

Of Knits and Beads

About 3 years ago I found this at JoAnn's for $10. Since I was doing a lot of ribbon embroidery and crazy quilt embroidery at the time, it was a steal. I haven't been doing very much of that for a while... until a couple of days ago....

Did I tell you that my two Elizabeth Zimmerman Knitting books finally got here? Well, they did. And in following her pattern for knitting a hat I found that I needed knitting markers.. soooo.. voila '. I dug out the beads, made several wrong purchases at Hobby Lobby...followed by one right purchase at Hobby Lobby...and finally got it right. It took several days of trying one thing then another, but I finally have a wrist abacus I can use that really works and several sets of knitting markers. I love it... And it's good to finally have a good use for all those beads!

This is the cap that I am knitting for one of our sons. And these are the knitting markers that are my absolute favorites... ;o)

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