Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Cold Weather and Family

I wasn't expecting this ice to last so long. This cold snap usually comes in February and it seldom lasts more than one or two days. More sleet fell this morning and our excursions to the back porch (we have started smoking again...ughhh!) have been quite short. I braved the cold on Monday and took some photos of the ice hanging off everything. The news reports still show McAlester and Howe without power. But... the good news is that it is supposed to reach 47 degrees tomorrow, so everything should melt.

Phil, Loretta and Chuck arrived Saturday evening. What a delight. Phil's rental car was so covered with ice that I first thought he would not be able to get out. Chuck says he does not have to return to Iraq, so his coming was doubly wonderful. With the weather so bad, we had a couple of days of just staying in and visiting before Phil and Loretta had to leave. Their plane left Dallas on time, but the one from Chicago to Lansing was cancelled... it seems that the storm just followed them home. They stayed in a hotel for the night and caught an early flight ... after battling to get into their ice covered car for the trip to the airport. When they got home, it took over an hour to get into their own car... covered with ice... then had to stop at the doctor's office on the way because Phil has contracted bronchitis. Finally made it home to find that all power is off and has to start the generator to have power for lights and heat... What a trip...Makes me want to hop a flight and go make him some hot tea with lemon and honey.

Chuck got to stay until yesterday and will be back on his way to catch his plane to California. He has a camera setup that makes me drool every time I see it because it takes such beautiful macro shots. This is one that I took with my camera and I really like it, but with his he can get a lot closer. He is so talented... can't help but be a proud mom.

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