Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I've read and heard that the relationship between a mother and daughter is a very complicated thing in the best of times. I suppose that is true. Regardless of the ups and downs, I think both mother and daughter (at least on a basic level of some kind) love each other and that can never be escaped.
Mom died this morning around 7am.
Memories of youth:
I loved her house. It was always clean and cool. There was always laughter and music. Movies. Home baked brownies and cakes on the cabinets. Eating outdoors by moving the tables out and cooking on the grill. Walking to the swimming pool every Saturday in the summers. Football games and marching band. Learning to sew. Learning the joy of planting and caring for flowers, gardens and the backyard birds. Painting the house inside and out...decorating and using what you have to make your personal space a haven from the outside world. I could go on and on... babies pulling out the pots and pans and playing in the middle of the kitchen floor... buttons on the table with babies building whole cities... on and on and on with the good things she brought to many lives...
She will be missed.


Edna said...

So sorry, Linda. We just heard it from Thellma.

Those are beautiful memories. Thanks for sharing.

Love u sooooooo much.
Love, Bobby & Edna

Debbie said...

I thought this might be what was going on this week. I am so sorry for you loss.If it helps any I also have been there.

Linda_S. said...

Thank you. I never quite know what to say in a time like this, but your thoughtfulness means more than you know....

Gina E. said...

Hi Linda, I am just catching up on a few blogs I haven't been to for a while. I am sad to hear about your Mom passing away. That was a beautiful piece you wrote about all the good memories; it is so important to remember the good things after a loved one has gone. My Mum died just before I turned 21 and unfortunately most of my memories are of my own bad behaviour toward her. My Dad told me later I wasn't that bad at all, and that in fact he didn't know how he would have coped without me still living at home. Hope 2007 is a better year for you.
Gina in Oz.

Linda_S. said...

Thank you, Gina. I think parents expect and easily forgive the pull and tugs of a child trying to grow up and become independent. I'm sure your dad is right and your mum probably understood. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

pat winter said...

Linda, I am so sorry about your loss. I love how you wrote favorite memories, some are very similar to what my mom is about. Consider yourself hugged .