Saturday, January 06, 2007

Comfort Food

This has not been a really good week. Things happen that you are never prepared for even though you thought you were. The death of someone you love is never easy even when the gap between you and that person has become too large to bridge. That is a sad thing. ..... So today is the day for looking at all the good things in life that have over the years made each day a wonder in itself. The blessings in life can be as grand as the birth of each child... and mine were and are grand. The memories of laughter with the family during summer picnics. The first day of the first child boarding the school bus and wondering .. "Will he be ok? ... and I will so miss him today." And then reliving that same thought as each child in turn takes that first step away from you. The joy of looking at each today in turn and knowing that you love them just as much today... and worry just as much, but in a slightly less anxious way. The rebirth of nature in the spring, the joy of watching the chickadees flitter through the empty trees in winter, the snuggly house slippers that have grown a little lumpy and misshapen with washing, sharing a cup of hot coffee on the back porch with the man who has become the best friend I have ever had and who would protect me from even the slightest upset. Tomato soup with cheese and crackers. Pears. Rain. Colors... all of them. Flowers...even the ones that stink. Adhesive tape and Band Aids. Noses... without which the smell of that luscious banana bread would be like sound of a tree falling in the forest with no one to hear.

The list can go on for a while... there are so many things to be thankful for. So take out your sweetest cup and saucer, a small bread plate, those pieces of nice silverware that you save for holidays.... slice a piece of banana bread off to have with a cup of hot wonderful tea.... and share it with the people you love ... often. Remembering the good things... the true blessings of our lives... makes the difficult times a little less imposing.


Gina E. said...

How very true. And beautifully written.

Linda_S. said...

Thank you, Gina.

pat winter said...

You certainly brought back memories for me as I read your posts. Especially sending a child off on their first day of school. That was a horribly sad day for me. Friend's even sent me roses because they knew I would be so upset. It felt the same way as my husband and I drove off leaving our son at the dorm three years ago. It broke my heart to see him as a man, knowing all I would have would be memories. The good thing is, I do have some awesome memories. Thank you for your postings from your heart.