Sunday, December 04, 2005

Curtains & Valance Room 2

The last couple of days have been busy, busy. The valance for the small window was larger than for Room 1 and the second one for this room is over 6 ft. long. But...they are up and the room is rearranged completely. These pics are before the rearranging and the full length curtains under the long valance have been hung. Will take more pics after the decorating is done.
At a later date... that can be read as " after Christmas"... I may go back and put trim around the bottoms of the valances. But that will have to wait since there are 4 more to go....the tree to put up... gifts to wrap and last minute things to buy.. not to mention the deadlines looming on mailing gifts and Christmas cards. Like I said... Nothing like a little stress to spice up the holidays!

1 comment:

Mariella said...

Great job you are doing on those curtains. Now can you come over to my house? I need new curtains or drapes in the big master bedroom.
I have 4 windows!