Monday, December 05, 2005

Time for a break

When I got a little snippy with my favorite guy a bit ago, I realized it was time to stop for the day, rest a bit and recoup. I slipped over to
kiki's place and grinned. She has the most adorable Santa and reindeer that just makes ya wanta smile.

Got our first Christmas card today. From some wonderful friends in Bull Shoals, AR. Hubby and I were on the Board of Directors when we lived there and Ed Bean was the President of the Board of Bull Shoals Theater. We've been gone a year and 1/2 now and still miss Ed & Judy. Drop by the
Bull Shoals Theatre website and have a look. (Also get to listen to one of my favorite songs... "Last Date" by Floyd Cramer performed by BST Volunteer and Board Member Ed Kufeldt ( a real wizard with music and computers!.) If you click on the History page, there at the bottom right is a pic of our hard working guy with none other than Country Star T. Graham Brown. If you're ever in the Bull Shoals area, you couldn't find a more wonderful place to visit.

Our Cardinals are having a hard time getting to the feeders these days. The American Finches have arrived in force! Feeding now takes place twice a day with 2 thistle socks only lasting about 4 days. I saw the wren again yesterday... thought she may have left us when a cat got her mate a few weeks ago. One more thing to go on my "Things to be grateful for" list...!!

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kiki said...

it's so great that you didn't lose the wren. i love it when i recognize the birds that hang out in my yard.