Thursday, December 01, 2005

Valance, Curtains and Pillows Done

The first bedroom window is done! All hung and the room is put back together, but not finished. The tassle tiebacks need to be moved over a bit and the pic in the blue frame lying on the dresser will be hung on the small wall to left of the pic... It is awaiting the finishing of the frame for another pastel I finished last winter. The blue frame on the wall is one that Hubby made a few weeks ago.
The finish work for this room will have to wait a few days, since today I put the padding and fabric on another valance ( or should I call them cornices...ughh) that Hubby put together for me yesterday for the other guest bedroom. This one is a little bigger and took a lot longer to finish. Tomorrow is hemming the curtains, cutting and hemming the sheers and hanging them. Then will help build the really big valance for that room... More to come...

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kiki said...

you guys are so creative. i don't think i would've thought to turn the excess curtain fabric into a valence.