Friday, December 09, 2005

Very Cold Today

Supposedly the temperature got up to 42 degrees today... couldn't prove it by me! Our thermometer on the porch only registered up to 38, but what does it know. Thank goodness for not much wind... the breeze was enough to make your cheeks feel like popsicles... I can only feel for the people living further north.
My brother Stan called this afternoon. Always such a pleasure. Had to tell him about the fiasco with the carpet shampooing... and just like a brother... he laughed..grin It's just been one of those days. I think the shampooer got mixed up and decided that my whole plan was not to clean the carpet, but to make mud! What a day! Enter Steamatic! next Monday..
Just so you know... this pic was taken last spring...not today! All the leaves are gone now except on the huge oak at the north side of the house. Now the long wait for green again...

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