Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Crocheted Footies & 'Possums

It's cold again..ughh Last night I couldn't get my feet warm, so I crocheted me some footies from some left over Wool Ease yarn. The basic pattern is actually a sock pattern and I just left off the top of the sock. I didn't add any embellishment because I wanted to be able to slip on my house slippers when we go onto the back porch. They are quite warm, but I do want to learn to knit socks soon. I have put off buying the knitting needles necessary for socks... if I get them I will be obsessed with learning how and I have enough projects going ... and the stitching classes will begin within the week.

I had to laugh when I popped over to Sharon's blog. What does she have up but a pic of a possum. And what a cutie pie. He looks almost nothing like the one we are trying to bribe into staying in our back yard. We think ours has moved in under the shop and comes out every night to feed on the seeds the birds drop every day. Ours in America are solitary little guys and everything we have read says they don't stay long in any one place. I think this one is an immature youngster, so he will probably move on as he reaches maturity. This picture is not the one we are trying to bribe...grin This one was around last summer and didn't seem to mind having his photo taken at all.


Mariella said...

Good idea on just working the bottom part. I've always had a problem with the ankle part - too tight for me.
Think I'll give your version a try because my tootsies are feeling a little cold :)

Fairy Crafts said...

Possum? I have a family living under my house - right smack in the middle of Austin. Remember those bumper stickers from the 70's "Eat more Possum?" a big favorite in east Texas

Linda S. said...

Do I ever! I have an aunt and uncle that live in Oklahoma that sometimes have possum. I've never tasted it, but I'm assured that it tastes just like chicken..grin