Saturday, February 03, 2007

Split Rail Fence Quilt

I did not work on this yesterday since I got all involved in the embroidery on the wall hanging posted about yesterday. This is the edging fabric I bought and I will be working on it today. I can hardly wait to get it put together. The floral edging will be a soft outline for the linear pattern of the quilt. There is a tiny thought tiptoeing around the back of my mind re: using this quilt top to embroider along the seams following Sharon B's "Take a Stitch Tuesdays" ..(that now has a web-ring of it's own)... but I think that may be reserved for a later project as I really would like to finish this quilt...grin I found a stack of UFO's as I was going through my workroom (where reorganization is not completed yet!) and I don't want this quilt to be added to the stack.
P.S... I know I said yesterday that this quilt would be followed in Fabric Follies Two...but I couldn't resist..grin

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