Thursday, February 08, 2007

Of Books, Bobcats and Daffodils

I'm not really a slow reader, Patty...grin The books on the sidebar seem to sit there forever before they are changed. That's because recently I have been so busy (have no idea doing what!) that by the time we hit the sack I can hardly read more than a few paragraphs before the page blurs to disappearing letters and I have to put it down.

We have one blooming daffodil. (This pic is from last year.) What a joy... I love that fresh, vibrant yellow announcing that spring is around the corner. The wren began peeping into the holes in the ends of the clothesline poles this morning... nesting will begin soon.

Our bobcat showed up yesterday in the middle of the afternoon. Came streaking across the road and disappeared behind the neighbors house. A couple of minutes later he came sauntering back, sat down on the side of the road with one of our squirrels in his mouth. Realizing that this is nature's way does not lessen the distress very much. I'm ready for him to move on down creek....

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