Monday, February 05, 2007

In Need of Green

The sun is shining this morning... Yahoo says it's 37 degrees. Yesterday it warmed up into the high 50's and we actually got to hot tub for 30 minutes or so. Even so, I think it's time for some green around here. The best part of winter and the bare trees is that one can watch the birds consistently as they wander through the branches and flit here and there. But now I'm ready for the foliage.

There is nothing quite as barren as a naked tree.

I will miss the openness of the shop deck this year as that is where I could stand and take close up pictures of the birds... like this nuthatch I caught last year. They have to be one of my favorites. They are so funny...walking upside down the length of the trunk and then hopping into the feeder for a seed.... then hopping back onto the trunk and walking (right side up this time) back up the tree to wherever they decide is absolutely the best spot to stop and eat it.

The daffodils are budding and will be blooming soon... as will the apricot tree.
Renewal... a good thing.

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