Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Textured Images

Last year I took my camera out into the backyard and began taking pictures of tree bark, knot holes, leaves and acorns on the ground, tea bags, coffee grounds ...anything with texture. Colors weren't the main concern...just the textures. The idea was to get enough pictures that I could pull them up in my photo software, crop and then use my different effects if I wanted colors. This the inside of a large flower pot on the back porch.

This is the cropped image pulling up the glass and leaves on the inside of the pot. Nothing has been done except the crop.

This one has had the negative filter applied.

The idea behind this is to have textural images that can be printed onto fabric and used in whatever project I am working on at the time.


anne3judy said...

How fortunate I am to find another kindred spirit via Allison!! Also from Texas - I do the same thing with the leaves for textures and images. Your work is beautiful - now more hours to "research and develop" (hang out on the computer). Your Mark Twain quote is the story of my professional life. I succeeded through total ignorance!!

anne3judy said...

I failed to mention that we are the same age - "250." However, I knit shawls for American Girl rather than Barbie these days.

Linda S. said...

Hi anne3judy,
I love your comment...had to laugh. I have no idea how that "250" got put in there, but some days it sure seems to fit. I would enjoy seeing what you are doing. Do you have a website?