Monday, January 23, 2006

First Page of Handmade Book

I finally took a few minutes and tried to put a pastel sketch of Squirt (the cockatiel..grin) and the song Uncle Bobby wrote on the first pages of my handmade book. Poor Squirt kinda looks like he's a little upset with whoever was drawing his portrait!...grin I may do a little bit to finish it up later, but all in all, I thought it came out better than I expected..
The plan was to hand write the song on the facing page, but when I started calculating how much space my handwriting takes up.... it came up to at least 2 pages..grin So this is Plan B.
If you click on the pic (as with all the pics on this blog) a much bigger picture will come up.


freethnkr said...

Wow. That is one pissed off bird. hahaha

Your creativity just continues to amaze me.

Love ya,

Linda_S. said...

lol..guess he got tired of posing..grin