Sunday, January 22, 2006

First Fabric Postcard

Yesterday afternoon I was looking around my very cluttered workroom and rummaging among the smaller pieces of fabric that was left after making the upholstered cornices and decided to stick some of it together and see if I could do a simple postcard. It wasn't difficult, but I still find that I just can't seem to leave an allowance around the edges...working all the way to the edge just seems to be a compulsion...(freudian perhaps...grin) As a result, when finishing the edges I managed to split a couple of the beads on the side and had to repair the string of beads with fabric glue. This one cannot be actually mailed without an envelope due to the depth of the large flowers, but I can see from this one how useful they would be as a journal project to keep track of ideas and to try new things without committing large amounts of time or materials.

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Carol Dean said...

Aren't these just too much fun to make? I made my first two this morning and am really thrilled with the results (I've posted them on my I want to try some beading on the next set. One more thing to get hooked on...