Monday, January 23, 2006

Round Robin Letter

Every now and then I begin to miss "the old times". Like real letter writing and waiting breathlessly for "that special letter" to arrive in the mailbox. Last night, Hubby and I were sitting in my work room and the idea hit for a "Round Robin Letter". Someone would write a letter and mail to another person... that person adds a few paragraphs or something else (poem, poetry, picture..whatever) and send to another person... that person adds his/her note and mails to another person... with the letter finally returning to the original person. This can continue indefinitely with the first person removing pages that have made the complete Round Robin so the mail costs do not become exhorbitant as it gains pages and turns into a book!...grin.
So I popped off an email note to Edna, Betty and Rosalie to see if they would like to participate and .... I wrote the first note this morning to be placed in the mail this afternoon!
I am sooo excited about it. Can hardly wait for it to return!
(Update:.... The letter is in the mail!! Yahoooo!)

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