Saturday, January 21, 2006

To "Simple Still Life" or Not to "Simple Still Life"

(I haven't quite gotten the hang of getting Blogger pics to line up the way I want!! So these are definitely out of order. Click on each pic for a close up view!)
I spent lots of time yesterday working up a photo to see if I really want to join the challenge for Simple Still Life. You would think it would be really easy to set up a photo with 2 things alike and 3 things different.... Well... I set it up using a fabric postcard I am working on, a thimble, a skein of thread (3 things different), two needles exactly alike (2 things the same), and took the photo.

I found that I really didn't like having the thimble standing up, so I rearranged the thimble a bit and took another one. I didn't like that one, so I rearranged the needles and took another one! That one seemed ok, so I brought it up in my photo program and thought I liked the negative shot... not. So I cropped it and brought up the frames and framed it... wow.. that looked pretty good. Then after I looked at it closer, it seemed the fabric postcard buttons made the "2 things alike, 3 different" concept a little ambiguous because there are actually 8 buttons all alike... ugggggghhh!!! So this morning I am back at square one and looking around for other subjects..

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