Monday, January 23, 2006

Aunt Edna's Page

Aunt Edna sent me one of her poems when she sent me the song by Uncle Bobby. I think it is lovely. It says all the wonderful things that I have always admired about their relationship. Here it is:


Friendship is a lovely word,
On this we all agree.
But the word is not as lovely
As what you mean to me.

You gave my life new meaning
And made the gray skies blue,
And Christ who is our helper
Has made our lives anew.
We learned the Truth together
And gave our lives to God.

The way has not been easy
But together we have trod.
You bring out all my good thoughts
And the rest we both destroy,
You also helped me train aright
Our little girl and boy.

The kind of friend a wife needs
Through the years . . . is hard to be,
But thank you, Dear, for being
That kind of friend to me.

To my husband, Bobby J. Ingram -Edna L. Ingram

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